Energy Asset Owners: Scaling & Managing Unmanned Data

Matt Alberts of HUVRdata and Scott McGowan of Kestrel Group discuss at the 6th Annual Energy Drone + Robotics Summit June 20-22, 2022

We may be entering into an information golden age, but the fact is we are collecting more information per inspection than ever before. So much that it must be actively managed to avoid overwhelming inspectors and analysts.

The goal of any inspector is to hand over a report to allow an informed decision, regardless of what is being inspected. To be able to do so, the report must contain the right data in a context that gives it meaning.
For this to happen, the inspection data must be taken from multiple sources and aggregated to provide actionable insights. This has given birth to new digital tooling that pulls in the data and returns it with the right context and formatting, which allows users to understand the single truth of the asset.